Shawn S. Barker

“A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense.”

Bruno Munari

Ryan & Emily

My dear friends, Ryan & Emily, after years of dating, decided to get married and forever throw their lives together for better or worse. They asked me to come up with their announcements.

No brides or mothers were harmed in the production of these announcements.

Split Spades

Despite being extremely ubiquitous, I noticed that standard playing cards really aren’t that well designed. So, I took it upon myself to redesign the standard deck from the bottom up. The pips were designed with the same sensibility as a typeface. I chose to blend an authoritative, small slab-serif with refined round forms to define a more refined look to the pips. The faces are designed with a unifying 30 degree turn and a classic color scheme that feels somewhat familiar and universal. There is an air of tradition mixed with a modern flair.

All cards and packaging were hand assembled.

Jerry's Beard & Moustache Cream

Every man who has ever tried to grow a beard knows the intense itching that comes along with it. This product was developed to help sooth those rough, dry, itchy days. This product is all natural for your natural face. It is a natural product for a natural man. The identity and colors for this beard cream are rooted in the rough hewn nature of a man’s beard. It is a little course and rough, but it plays on the lighter side of things. It is playful and uses a man’s face to help the buyer identify with the product.


Chester the Molester

If you ever saw a molester, he probably wouldn’t look that out of the ordinary. But, in our mind’s eye, a molester is someone who peers through cracks and peeks. He is someone who leers at kids and makes a community feel unsafe. This book series uses this idea of leering and peeking to communicate this sense of unsafety. The colors chosen feel friendly, and the typefaces chosen also communicate some sense of familiarity. But, the bars and direct look of the man on the cover do something else, making these books stand out and really communicate what they contain.

Poetry Night

Poster created to promote a poetry night at Weber State. (Both the photo and the design.)

size: 11”x17”

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